Exhibitor List

With its exclusive patented NDIR technology, ELT SENSOR is honored as the Korea No. 1 NDIR gas sensor expert with the largest combustible sensors line-up including Carbon Dioxide(CO2), Carbon Oxide (CO), and Methane(CH4). ELT’s gas sensors can be used for various kinds of applications such as indoor air quality monitoring in residential houses, office buildings, multi-purpose facilities, schools and vehicles to manage indoor air quality and save up to 30% energy. And also sensors could measure carbon dioxide(CO2) in plant factories and breeding farm and keep freshness in CA container storages and delivering vehicles. Combustible Sensors can be used to monitor explosive gas leakage in various industrial areas.

Shaanxi extension Puzol Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. September 2010 by from Xi\'an many well-known colleges and universities doctoral, master\'s establishment of the common. Company headquarters is located in Xi\'an, company\'s existing staff of 40 people, college degree or above, including 2 doctor, graduating in domestic famous universities and have many years of work and project experience, walk the forefront of innovation in science and technology at home and abroad, to ensure the advanced level of research and development.

Time Varying Transmission Co. Limited (TVT) has branches in Hunan and Guangzhou, China, as well as a R&D hub in the heart of Los Angeles, USA. TVT focuses at cutting-edge technologies to provide worldwide customers with revolutionary electronical solutions and experiences. Leveraging on the state of the art semiconductor power devices and software-defined radio architecture, TVT is developing the next generation radio frequency (RF) and wireless communications systems. Other ground-breaking technologies include software-defined RF filters and linearization techniques for mobile communication networks, which is the core technology of the next generation wireless base station and handheld terminals.

Suzhou In-situ Chip Company is a professional MEMS micro nano chip enterprise in Suzhou Industrial Park. It is committed to providing high-end testing consumables products, MEMS sensors and other products and micro nano chip customization services. The company’s micro chip high quality, good service, customers throughout the country, long-term for major enterprises, universities and research institutions to provide high-quality products and services.

Founded in 2015, Shenzhen Yanqinda Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional sensors production enterprise. With its industry-leading technology, we are committed to provide our customers with high-precision sensor products and control systems.

Light theto Beijing Science and Technology Development Co manufacture and application of, for customers to provide complete diffraction optical solutions. Company has the international first-class R & D team and mature production technology, developed with independent intellectual property rights of the world\'s leading diffractive optical design software; and pioneering the use of the most advanced nanometer manufacturing process, and a stable and efficient mass production copying process, batch production a leading international of diffractive optical elements.

With operations in the United States, Europe, China and Japan, Pico develops innovative VR solutions which enable our users to experience the best in VR and Interactive CGI experiences. Founded in 2015, our company has over 300 team members around the world. We love to make VR products, but more importantly, we love to see people enjoying the amazing, fun and entertaining worlds that VR enables. ​ ​

Shanghai Jiacan Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on providing customers with working pressure measurement/control technologies and detection schemes, which is located in Room 1001, Block B, South Area, Easypass World, Huaxu Road, Xujing Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai. Main products: various OEM pressure sensors, pressure sensors and transmitters with standard signal output, sensors and transmitters for liquid level measurement, temperature sensors, differential pressure sensors for process control, intelligent display instruments, various electronic pressure switches, pressure controllers, automatic control systems and elements, etc.

华芯半导体科技有限公司位于泰州市姜堰区现代科技产业园,总投资50亿元,其中一期投资12亿元,占地面积90余亩,建筑面积50000平米。 公司拥有国际先进的外延金属有机物化学气相沉积(MOCVD)设备、芯片工艺设备和封装设备等,主要从事尖端化合物半导体光电子芯片及其应用产品的研究、开发与生产。公司主要产品为高亮度LED、蓝绿光半导体激光管、垂直腔面发射(VCSEL)光子芯片、DFB光子芯片、EML光子芯片以及高亮度半导体激光芯片等。 公司产品主要应用于激光显示、激光照明、激光电视、光纤通讯、数据中心、云计算、超算等领域。

武汉微纳传感技术有限公司成立于2015年,专注环境感测解决方案,是一家集MEMS气体传感器研发、生产、销售为一体的高新技术企业。公司拥有多项MEMS传感器发明专利,严格执行国家产品质量管理标准,已通过 RoHS、REACH测试,ISO9000:2015质量认证体系认证。 微纳传感秉承为客户创造价值,合作共赢为理念,研发制造出适用于移动互联网及物联网应用的微型MEMS传感器。微纳传感产品在新风净化系统、空气质量检测,智能家居、机器人,手机,可穿戴等消费电子领域的应用,实现有害气体预警及节能减排。

Dongguan SouthChinaSea Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, November 4, 2015 officially changed its name to "Guangdong SouthChinaSea Electronic Measuring Technology Company Limited", is a self-developed and production of high-precision sensor with resistance strain gauge, Strain gauge load cell, bending plate load cell, road weight charging system, portable car axle weight, pressure sensors and transmitters and other electrical measurement products diversified high-tech enterprises.

TECNISCO was established in 1970 as a processing service provider for precision components, taking advantage of DISCO Corporation\'s cutting and grinding technologies. Since then, we have developed and integrated our technology fields into a \"Cross-edge\" micro processing technology which crosses five leading-edge technologies such as cutting, grinding, polishing, metalizing, and bonding, thus supporting high-tech products in the industries of optical communication, industrial laser, AV/mobile, projector, automotive and medical devices.